Predictive Services for Your Dust/Baghouse, Fume

& Mist Collection Systems

Elevate Overall Efficiency, Performance & Reliability

P-A Industrial Services is proud to offer the full-service Optimizer Preventative Maintenance & Diagnostics Program. Your investment in this program includes scheduled maintenance for your dust/baghouse/fume/mist collection system to keep it running efficiently and reliably, resulting in future cost savings. From targeting unsafe breathing air and combustible dust to troubleshooting low airflow and a dirty work environment, our end goal is to help you make your plant a safer and more productive workplace.

Program Features

The operating condition of your equipment is critical to the success of your business. With that in mind, our Optimizer Preventative Maintenance & Diagnostics Program offers you:

Dust collection/baghouse filter change services (We’re an authorized Donaldson Torit® parts and service provider)
Data collection and trending of all key points including fan performance, compressed air quality, filter condition, filter pressure differential, and air velocity and air flow (CFM).
Fan vibration inspection by factory-trained experts
Thoroughly trained and factory-authorized field technicians to conduct service
Full system review and recommendations from our certified technician
Detailed documentation for record keeping and historical trending

Key Benefits

Our Optimizer Preventative Maintenance & Diagnostics Program will help improving employee safety and business productivity by:

Assisting to ensure clean air for your working environment
Reducing potential combustible dust hazards
Clean air emissions
OSHA, EPA, and MPCA regulatory adherence
Allowing your facility’s maintenance to focus on core production equipment
Increased system efficiencies for future cost savings


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We bring over 100 years of combined industry experience to offer top-rated services, parts, and equipment for all of your dust, mist, and fume collection systems, industrial fans, and compressed air systems. We utilize our unique total system approach to ensure that each component works at maximum efficiency with minimal downtime.