Atlas Copco Air Compressor Parts and Services

Authorized Distributor for Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco Authorized Distributor


P-A Industrial Services is proud to be an authorized distributor and service provider (ASP) for Atlas Copco, bringing our customers a brand name you can trust at extremely competitive prices. Atlas Copco provides compressed air equipment as well as service and maintenance for customers worldwide and across the USA since 1950.

As a global leader combining world-class air compressor products with a nationwide service network, Atlas Copco has partnered with P-A Industrial Services allowing us to serve as your one-stop shop to provide Atlas Copco compressor parts and services in Minnesota and throughout the Midwest.

Our Products & Services Include

Service Kits

Compressor Filters & Separators

Air ompressor Line Filters - Atlas Copco

Compressor Line Filters

Atlas Copco Air Compresor Upgrade

Compressor Upgrades

Oil & Lubricant Air Compressor - Atlas Copco

Compressor Oils, Lubricants & Fluids

Preventive Maintenance Plan - Air Compressor - Atlas Copco

Preventive Maintenance Plans

Air Compressors That Work at Maximum Efficiency

P-A Industrial Services brings our vast experience in air compressors to servicing and maintaining Atlas Copco compressors and parts ensuring your compressors are working at maximum efficiency with minimal downtime. As an Atlas Copco Compressors premier distributor and service provider, P-A Industrial Services offers a unique advantage for customers in Minnesota.

P-A Industrial Services Services the Following Atlas Copco Products

Oil Free Air Compressors

Atlas Copco - LZ Series

LZ Series

Atlas Copco - LF Series

LF Series

Atlas Copco - SF Series

SF Series

Atlas Copco - AQ Series

AQ Series

Atlas Copco - ZR & ZT Series

ZR & ZT Series

Atlas Copco - HX & HN Series

HX & HN Series

Atlas Copco - ZD Series

ZD Series

Atlas Copco - ZD Series

ZH Series

Atlas Copco - ZE & ZA Series

ZE & ZA Series

Oil Lubricated Air Compressors

Atlas Copco - LE & LT Series

LE & LT Series

Atlas Copco - LS & LP Series

LS & LP Series

Atlas Copco - G & GX Series

G & GX Series

Atlas Copco - GA Series

GA Series

Atlas Copco - GR Series

GR Series

Atlas Copco - LB Series

LB Series

Oil-Free Air Blowers

Atlas Copco - ZS Series

ZS Series

Atlas Copco - ZB Series

ZB Series

Atlas Copco - ZM Series

ZM Series

Atlas Copco - ZL Series

ZL Series

Vacuum Pumps

Atlas Copco - Oil Sealed Vacuum Pump

Oil-Sealed Vacuum Pumps

Atlas Copco - Dry Vacuum Pump

Dry Vacuum Pumps

Atlas Copco - Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps