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P-A Industrial Services (PAIS) is proud to be an authorized distributor and service provider for Atlas Copco, bringing our customers a cutting-edge, industry-leading product and service offering. A global leader in air compressor manufacturing, Atlas Copco has specialized in compressed air equipment solutions for customers across the USA and worldwide since 1950. Atlas Copco has partnered with PAIS, allowing us to serve as your one-stop-shop to provide world-class Atlas Copco air compressor and nitrogen/oxygen generator equipment, parts, and services in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, and throughout the Midwest.

Products & Services Offered by PAIS

What Makes Us Different

PAIS brings over 100 years of combined industry experience to sell, service, and maintain Atlas Copco air compressors and nitrogen/oxygen generators. We offer a unique advantage for customers in the Midwest by utilizing our total system approach to help  you ensure that each component works at maximum efficiency with minimal downtime. Our services are responsive to customer needs, delivered professionally, and documented for detailed record-keeping and historical trending. Our end goal is to help you make your plant a safe and productive workplace.

Atlas Copco AIRnet Compressed Air System Piping and Installation Services

PAIS can design and install piping for all your compressed gas needs, including general compressed air and low/high-pressure nitrogen and oxygen. Utilizing the Atlas Copco AIRnet Aluminum compressed air piping, a virtually leak-proof and corrosion-free system that’s ISO 8573-1 certified, PAIS has the experience to tackle any project. AIRnet Aluminum can also be connected to any existing network and easily modified to accommodate changes or future network extensions.


Atlas Copco Nitrogen & Oxygen Gas Generators

Say goodbye to using third-party suppliers for your nitrogen or oxygen gas supply and say hello to making your own. With an Atlas Copco nitrogen or oxygen gas generator on hand, you can take full advantage of the 24/7 availability of gas. These generators are simple, reliable, durable, and come ready to use. All you’ll need is a supply of compressed air. PAIS can help you prevent costly installations and processing, refills, deliveries, or the possibility of downtime due to a lack of gas.


With innovative membrane technology, this compact nitrogen generator delivers minimal operating and maintenance costs, electronic monitoring panels that decrease downtime, and a continuous supply of nitrogen with up to 99.5% purity.

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This premium nitrogen generator with pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology provides fully automated, on-site nitrogen production at a low total cost. Count on high energy efficiency and nitrogen purity up to 99.999%.

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Here’s an industrial oxygen generator built with pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology. Providing reliable and cost-efficient on-site oxygen production with up to 95% purity, this generator will help prevent a production breakdown due to a lack of oxygen.

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Atlas Copco Nitrogen Videos

Atlas Copco Oil-Lubricated Air Compressors

Atlas Copco oil-injected air compressors, otherwise known as oil-lubricated compressors, are the foundation of the compressor industry. These models include rotary screw technology, with an optional VSD to significantly reduce energy costs.


Built to withstand the harshest environments, these oil-lubricated screw compressors are delivered ready for use. Features include a compact design for “plug and run” installation, low-noise operation, an integrated dryer and oil-water separator, an energy recovery system, and advanced controls and monitoring.

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Easy to install and operate, these industrial, oil-lubricated screw compressors offer a reliable supply of compressed air in temperatures up to 46°C and quiet operation due to rotary screw technology that reduces vibrations. They are available with or without an integrated dryer.

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Ideal for hot and dusty environments, these patented, two-stage rotary screw air compressors are quiet, efficient, reliable, and low maintenance. Count on this series to help protect your production equipment with an integrated refrigerant dryer and moisture separator.

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Atlas Copco Piston Air Compressors

With oil-lubricated and oil-free models available, Atlas Copco piston air compressors deliver a reliable source of compressed air. As a popular choice for many industries, these compressors are economical and inexpensive. Although they can be louder than rotary screw compressors, they are cost-effective, dependable, and easy to maintain.


Look no further for cast-iron piston compressors that are available in three unique tiers (Contractor, Professional, and Industrial) with varying features. They offer superior longevity and durability for demanding industrial, automotive, and light manufacturing applications.

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Look no further for a complete, zero-compromise oil-free piston air compressor with advanced electronic controls/monitoring, enhanced energy efficiency, quiet operation, and a long operational lifetime of 20,000 hours. It can also act as a high-performing, cost-saving foundation of a nitrogen generation system.

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These oil-lubricated, aluminum-piston compressors are compact, lightweight, and exceptionally reliable with low operating temperatures, minimal running costs, and easy maintenance. The LE has single-stage compression, while the LT has two-stage compression.

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Here’s an oil-free, aluminum-piston air compressor that’s compact and lightweight, easy to maintain, highly reliable, and cost-effective. It delivers low operating temperatures while offering high-quality air.

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This high-pressure piston compressor is perfect for PET bottling and nitrogen applications in power plants or laser cutting. Its piston technology offers efficiency with low noise levels. The LB booster can also be built into the Atlas Copco nitrogen generation skid to generate your own nitrogen.

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Ideal for a wide range of applications, the HX/HN reciprocating gas piston compressors handle gases such as air, nitrogen, CO/CO2, and more. This series is fully adaptable to meet your application needs and offer 24/7 compressor operation and up to 8,000 working hours a year without service intervention.

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Atlas Copco Oil-Free Air Compressors

Atlas Copco oil-free air compressors come in a wide variety of technologies, including rotary tooth, rotary screw, centrifugal, scroll, piston, and water injected. Oil-free compressed air is essential to multiple industries that cannot risk their product or application being touched by oil, including food and beverage manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, petrochemical, and mining. As a global leader in oil-free technology, Atlas Copco was the first air compressor manufacturer in the world to certify its oil-free products as ISO 8753-1 Class 0, independently verified by TUV. With a rigid food safety management program and IS0 22000 certification in the Antwerp Belgium facility, Atlas Copco is committed to providing world-class manufacturing. All the following products can provide energy efficiency with options such as VSD and heat recovery.


These oil-free scroll compressors deliver pure, uncontaminated air with energy efficiency, extremely quiet operation for noise-sensitive environments, and low maintenance throughout the life of the air compressor.

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Take advantage of the superior cooling capabilities of H2O with the AQ water-injected, oil-free screw compressors. These high-efficiency air compressors offer an energy savings of up to 35% with a VSD, quiet operation, and advanced Elektronikon® controls that can be adapted to your unique specifications.

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Discover the benefits of the latest and greatest rotary screw and rotary tooth, oil-free air compressors. The ZR is water-cooled, while the ZT is air-cooled, but both meet the top quality standard in the food and beverage industry (ISO 22000 certification). They are designed for quick and easy setup, as well as optimal reliability and energy efficiency.

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Here’s an oil-free, medium-pressure screw compressor with a high-pressure piston booster. It offers easy installation and operation, hybrid technology that can increase efficiency and reliability while reducing maintenance costs, and an optional VSD and heat recovery unit to reuse energy and decrease overall energy costs.

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Expertly designed in-house for maximum efficiency, these industrial, centrifugal oil-free air compressors deliver high air purity at a low total cost. You can count on Elektronikon® controls to help protect your production, a SMARTLINK system for mobile monitoring, and impellers and optional add-ons to help save on energy costs.

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Ideal for dusty and humid environments, these low-pressure, oil-free screw compressors can be quickly and easily integrated into your compressed air network. Maximize your energy savings by utilizing a complete portfolio of features to reduce pressure drop.

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Atlas Copco Air Treatment

Since compressed air is so vital for day-to-day manufacturing operations, you’ll want to take precautionary steps to have clean air to maintain the quality of your end product, as well as proper treatment for oily condensate. Utilizing the vast range of Atlas Copco dryers, air filters, and condensate treatment, you’ll be set up for success for years to come.


Designed to remove water from compressed air, you can choose from desiccant, refrigerated, and membrane air dryers to help prevent pipework corrosion, product spoilage, and early failure of pneumatic equipment. They’re reliable, energy-efficient, and cost-effective.

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Air Filters

Produced with rigorous quality control standards, take advantage of a wide selection of cutting-edge compressed air filtration solutions with varying filter types and grades for multiple applications. From silicone-free and oil-coalescing to dry-dust and breathing-air filters, PAIS will help you choose the perfect solution for your needs.

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Treatment and Drainage

Built for all low, medium, and high-pressure systems, Atlas Copco has reliable, clean, and cost-effective industrial condensate treatment options. With an oil-water separator and drainage system, capture oil in condensate that can be disposed of in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

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Compressor Lubricants, Coolant, Oil, Filters, Parts, Service & More

Rely on PAIS to provide the following compressor parts and services you need for Atlas Copco and all brands of air compressors. From filters and oils to service upgrades and maintenance, we’ve got you covered.

SMARTLINK Remote Monitoring
Atlas Copco Service Kits

PD+, PDp+, DD+, DDp+, QD+ & UD+

Roto Xtend, Roto Xtend Foodgrade, Roto-Z, Roto-Z Foodgrade, Roto-H, Roto-Ultra & Roto Inject NDURANCE

Ultracoolant, Sullube, QuinSyn, Kaeser M-460 & Gardner Denver Aon

Atlas Copco Oil Filters, Air Filters & Separator Elements
Atlas Copco Element Repair and Replacement
Rotary Screw Airend Overhauls and Replacement
Reciprocating Pump Rebuild and Replacement
Preventive Maintenance Plans
Compressed Air Leak Detection

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CAGI Data Sheets

To uphold high standards in the compressed air industry, Atlas Copco is a proud member of the Compressed Air & Gas Institute (CAGI). When developing and participating in the independently controlled Performance Verification Program, Atlas Copco developed a wide selection of CAGI performance data sheets for customers to make informed comparisons between products.

Industry Applications

Count on Atlas Copco compressed air equipment to last and perform in these real-world applications sorted by industry. Keep in mind that these are only a few examples of the many uses for compressed air.


Food & Beverage Manufacturing

  • Automation air
  • Transportation
  • Cleaning air
  • Air blowing, aeration
  • Fermentation
  • Food storage
  • Cooling & spraying
  • Nitrogen system
  • On-site nitrogen generation

High-Tech Manufacturing

  • Semiconductor & electronics
  • Cooling air
  • Clean room
  • Patterning
  • Instrumentation & pneumatic tools
  • Purging
  • Soldering

Metal Fabrication

  • Blast furnaces
  • Coke production
  • Oxygen furnace
  • Bag houses
  • Air mixture
  • Instrument air
  • Wastewater treatment

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