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FS Curtis

PA-Industrial Services is a leading provider of FS-Curtis Air Compressor products including:

Rotary Screw Air Compressors

including the smart and sophisticated Nx Series, the rugged and dependable RS Series and CAGI Data Sheets:

Nx Series

Our latest and most technologically advanced generation of rotary screw air compressors. Compact in design, robust in power, the Nx’s smooth, quiet operation is ideal for a wide variety of applications ranging from auto body shops to industrial.

RS Series

performs dependably in thousands of locations worldwide. RS Series compressors combine efficient operation with outstanding durability in the most demanding environments.

Reciprocating Air Compressors

Including the ML Series, the CA Series, the CT Series, the CTS Series, the OL Series and the CW Series:

ML Series

Masterline is the most robust, heavy duty reciprocating air compressor lineup available. The perfect combination of quality components and efficient design make the ML Series rugged, affordable and smart.

CTS Series

Single stage and portables for on the job performance.

CA Series

For automotive, light industrial and other challenging applications, CA Series compressors are built to last.

OL Series

Oil-less reciprocating for applications where critical air quality is required such as food, beverage, medical, electronics and more.

CT Series

These reciprocating compressors combine our signature performance and reliability with a simple industrial design, making them rugged — and affordable — compressors in their category.

CW Series

Large industrial compressors 30-125HP with models ranging from 30-250psi to get the job done.

Oil Free Compressors

Including the ECO Scroll Series and the ZW Series:

ECO Scroll Series

The ES08-15s are oil-free air compressors that are ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 certified. They are energy efficient, easy to operate and maintain. They are extremely quiet and save space in your facility.

ZW Series

Oil Free Screw Compressors produce totally Oil-Less air with a water injected compression process that is completely free of any hydrocarbons.

Air Treatment - Dryers & Filtration

Dryers and Filtration including: BA Series, DA Series, CFH High Inlet Temperature Filters, CFE Mist Eliminator, MDM Modular Membrane Dryers, MDS Energy Saving Membrane Dryers, DHB Blower Purge Desiccant Dryers, DHP Purge Desiccant Dryers, DLW Wall-Mounted Heatless Desiccant Dryers, DL Heatless Desiccant Dryers, RDS Series Energy-Saving Refrigerated Dryers, RNH High-Inlet Temperature Dryers, RNE Non-Cycling Refrigerated Dryers, RNP Non-Cycling Refrigerated Dryers, and CF Compressed Air Dryers:

BA Series

Breathing Air Purifiers remove moisture, particulate solids, oil aerosols and mists; carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon vapors commonly present it compressed air resulting in air that can be safely used in breathing air devices.

DHB Blower Purge Desiccant Dryers

DHB Series dryers improve air system efficiency by the use of a dedicated axial blower, instead of a percentage of dehydrated purge air, to regenerate the off-line desiccant tower. ISO 8573.1 Class 2 dew point performance is guaranteed. DHB Series dryers are 100% efficient at delivering full supply-side compressor.

RDS Series Energy-Saving Refrigerated Dryers

These dryers not only enhance air quality, but they also enhance energy savings through FS-Curtis’ DemandSmart™ technology.

DA Series

Modular Compressed Air Dryers provide bone dry air so your paint jobs come out perfect every time. When combines with pre-filtration and post-filtration, you have the ideal solution for eliminating air contaminants that cause issue with pain spraying, whether water or solvent borne.

DHP Purge Desiccant Dryers

Externally heated purge desiccant dryers offer guaranteed dew point performance and are equipped with our advanced ambient air amplification purge technology.

RNH High-Inlet Temperature Dryers

The perfect choice for reciprocating compressors, RNH dryers eliminate the need for a standalone separator and aftercooler.

CFH High Inlet Temperature Filters

For high inlet temperature applications, such as a reciprocating compressor without an aftercooler, the CFH Series has you covered.

DLW Wall-Mounted Heatless Desiccant Dryers

DLW series desiccant air dryers protect air systems exposed to temperatures below freezing. Applications including labs, hospitals, and high-tech installations all benefit from the clean, dry air, improved productivity, and more floor space provided by DLW series.

RNE Non-Cycling Refrigerated Dryers

The superior solution for heavy-duty air demand profiles is the RNE dryers. The dryers meet energy-saving ISO 8573.1 Class 4 and Class 5 standards by allowing the dew points to fluctuate, and the brazed plate heat exchanger optimizes efficiency. The result is a steady flow of clean, dry air delivered to meet the demands of your application reliably and effectively.

CFE Mist Eliminator

Enjoy the peace of mind of extra protection for your system. FS-Curtis CFE Series mist eliminators cut energy costs while removing oil and water aerosols from compressed-air systems.

DL Heatless Desiccant Dryers

The DL Series dryers are engineered with three application specific control systems delivering consistent outlet pressure dew points to ISO 8573.1 Class 1 (-100°F).

RNP Non-Cycling Refrigerated Dryers

Sometimes a simple solution is all you need. With their small design and compact footprint, RNP dryers take the basics to new heights, delivering reliable performance day in and day out you’ve come to expect from FS-Curtis. They remove maximum moisture to increase efficiency and help you get the most from your equipment.


Air compressor accessories including EV-PRO Condensate Separators, FS-Connect Piping System, and DemandSmart FlowController:

EV-PRO Condensate Separators

Using a specially treated, adsorbent, polypropylene media the EV-PRO condensate separators efficiently and effectively separate all compressor lubricants without the need for a condensate storage tank, settling chambers or constant disposal. The EV-PRO offers reliable solutions to meet environment regulations and support your ISO 14000 compliance.

FS-Connect Piping System

Fast, flexible and easy to modify aluminum pipe system for compressed air applications. Quick connections eliminate the need to thread or solder pipe. The lightweight aluminum pipe is easy to handle and safe to work with on elevated platforms. This system offers significant savings on installation, maintenance and operating costs.

DemandSmart FlowController

Installed downstream of your air storage tank, it will enable you to accurately control your downstream system pressure. This minimizes power consumption of the air compressor and provide the optimum pressure control for your facility’s equipment. The outcome is increased profitability to your bottom line. A simple, single-point control for the entire compressed air system.

Genuine Parts and Lubricants

Includes FS-Curtis Genuine Parts, Pro Fluid, and FSC-Max Fluid:

FS-Curtis Genuine Parts

We offer genuine parts through our authorized distributors. Only FS-Curtis can offer replacement parts made to our exacting standards for quality and performance. Purchasing your replacement parts from FS-Curtis also ensures that you are getting our latest manufacturing and technological advancements.

FSC-Max Fluid

Designed to offer the highest protection for your FS-Curtis products; it is the only lubricant product line that can validate FS-Curtis extended warranty programs. From food grade applications to large industrial, FSC-Max Fluid products are designed to operate at 100% efficiency in virtually all environments.

Pro Fluid

Pro Fluid is specially formulated to offer professional grade protection at a competitive price and for virtually any application.

Vacuum Pumps

Vacu-Plus Series Vacuum Pumps

Applications include bottle filling, vacuum cleaning, de-aerating, pump cleaning, dehydrating, feeding paper sheets, tank purging, leak testing, lifting liquids, milking machines, oil wells and for liquid extracting.

PA-Industrial Services is proud to be preferred dealer of FS-Curtis Air Compressors and we can also provide service on just about any air compressor products you might use.