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customized air compressor piping solutions

Create & Customize an Air Compressor Piping System for Your Facility

When it comes to ensuring your facility operates at peak efficiency, the quality and design of your air compressor piping system play a crucial role. A well-designed system can significantly […]

streamline operations - Equipment Preventative Maintenance

Professional Equipment Preventative Maintenance to Streamline Spring Operations

Get ready to minimize downtime and maximize efficiency this spring season! Now is the ideal time to schedule professional equipment preventative maintenance for your industrial dust/fume/mist collectors. Staying ahead of […]

what is a mist collector, and why you need one

What is a Mist Collector & Why You Need One

When the air is filled with oil and coolant mist in metalworking and other industrial applications, it can negatively affect everyone who is exposed, compromise CNC equipment, and violate governmental […]

24/7 Nitrogen Access

Get 24/7 Nitrogen Access with an Atlas Copco Nitrogen Generator

Many industries, from food and beverage to electronics manufacturing, can benefit from an Atlas Copco nitrogen generator to streamline operations. If your business requires nitrogen, you’re likely aware of the […]

preventative maintenance services

Maximize Plant Efficiency with Fall Preventative Maintenance Services

Ensure your business is operating at peak efficiency this fall season by scheduling professional preventative maintenance services for your industrial dust/fume/mist collectors. By staying ahead of potential problems, you can […]

what is a dust collector? why you need one

What is a Dust Collector & Why You Need One

When the air is filled with dirt, dust, and debris in industrial applications, it can affect the lungs of anyone who breathes it in, ignite dangerous fires, compromise equipment, and […]

Top 3 Types of Air Compressors

Top 3 Types of Air Compressors

Multiple industries, from metal fabrication and automotive to pharmaceutical and food/beverage, benefit from using air compressors to power different equipment and systems, such as nail guns, conveyor systems, painting equipment, […]

remote equipment monitoring in wisconsin

Remote Equipment Monitoring in Wisconsin Made Easy with PAIS

Minimize downtime and maximize efficiency in the Badger State! Providing service throughout Wisconsin, P-A Industrial Services (PAIS) is pleased to offer remote equipment monitoring programs and filter change services for […]

choosing the best fume, mist & dust collector filter for your equipment

Choosing the Best Fume, Mist & Dust Collector Filters for Your Equipment

We all know that having a well-maintained fume, mist, or dust collector can help enhance safety and productivity in the workplace. Selecting the right filter for your system enables you […]

Why Industrial Dust Collection is Crucial for Your Workplace

In various industries such as pharmaceuticals, food processing, and metalworking, to name a few, the air you and your employees breathe in daily can be compromised. Dirt, dust, and debris […]

Sioux Falls

Equipment Preventative Maintenance Services in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Minimize downtime and maximize efficiency in the Mount Rushmore State! Servicing the Sioux Falls area, P-A Industrial Services (PAIS) is pleased to provide local equipment preventative maintenance programs and filter […]

Remote Monitoring

Industrial Preventative Maintenance Plans with Remote Monitoring for Flexible Support

More and more companies are addressing inefficiencies head-on and striving to work smarter, not harder. P-A Industrial Services (PAIS) is here to help you have a well-maintained dust/baghouse/fume/mist system. We […]

A Midwest Air Compressor Service and Repair Company: P-A Industrial Services

Design. Install. Repair. Three services that we specialize in for Atlas Copco, FC Curtis, and other brands of air compressor equipment. P-A Industrial Services (PAIS) brings over 100 years of […]

preventative maintenance inspection

Dust Collector Preventative Maintenance Inspection Spring Services

Days are getting longer, and spring will be here before you know it! A transition of the seasons, combined with potentially long lead times due to supply chain delays, mean […]

industrial preventative maintenance

Proactive Preventative Maintenance During Supply Chain Delays

There are supply chain delays across various industries. Stay ahead of crippling parts and labor shortages with strong equipment preventative maintenance. Everyone is busy. When you are strapped for resources, taking […]

predictive maintenance technology

Reduce Unplanned Downtime with Predictive Maintenance Technology: iCue™ Connected Filtration Service

As experts in dust/fume collection with over 100 years of combined industry experience, P-A Industrial Services understands the importance of keeping your systems running efficiently for the long run. We […]


Baghouse Dust Collectors, Filters & Service All in One Place

Since dust can be regulated in the workplace due to its exposure or combustion properties, having a well-maintained baghouse dust collector can help support your compliance efforts and enhance business […]

atlas copco distributor

P-A Industrial Services: Your Go-To Midwest Distributor & Service Provider for Atlas Copco

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, approximately 70% of manufacturers utilize compressed air systems. From food and beverage manufacturing to metal fabrication, the applications for compressed air are virtually […]

Dust Collector Maintenance: Eight Tips to Keep Your Collector Running Efficiently

Industrial and commercial processing plants use dust collectors to capture airborne particulate (dust and other impurities from air or gas). Industrial duct collectors play a crucial role in keeping employees […]