High Quality Replacement Filters


P-A Industrial Services can provide you with industry-leading, high-quality replacement baghouse filters, pleated filters, and cartridges for all of your dust/mist/fume collection/baghouse equipment.

We offer customers advanced and reliable dust, fume and mist collectors and filters engineered to provide outstanding filtration efficiency and energy savings. Selecting the right filters helps increase manufacturing efficiencies and support filtered environments for employees. We also provide on-site changing of your filters.

Replacement filters can significantly improve the performance of dust collectors.

P-A Industrial Services provides replacement filters of all kinds for most applications and industries including:

  • Asphalt
  • Cement
  • Chemical
  • Food Processing
  • Foundry and Metal Products
  • Power Generation and Industrial Boilers
  • Wood, Sand and Minerals

Donaldson® Ultra-Web® filtration media for Cartridge Collectors

  • AAF
  • Aercology
  • Airflow Systems
  • Clemco
  • Environmental Systems Designs
  • Farr
  • Geoff
  • MAC
  • Micro Air
  • Nordson
  • Pneumafil
  • Robovent
  • Steelcraft
  • Trion
  • UAS
  • Wheelabrator
  • Many others

Donaldson® Dura-Life™ filtration media for Baghouse Collectors

  • AZO
  • Buhler
  • Carter Day
  • DCE
  • Flex-Kleen
  • Golfetto
  • Kice
  • MAC
  • MikroPul
  • Murphy
  • Pneumafil
  • Steelcraft
  • Wheelabrator
  • Many more

Experience the Donaldson Ultra-Web® Advantage

Made with an electrospinning process that produces a very fine, continuous fiber of 0.2-0.3 micron in diameter, Ultra-Web fine fibers form a permanent web-like net with very fine interfiber spaces that trap dust on the surface of the media. Combining superior Ultra-Web technology with a sturdy spunbond polyester substrate, the Ultra-Web SB pleated bag filters deliver long filter life, high efficiency, and great cost savings for baghouse collectors. Ultra-Web fine fiber media is an optimal and cost-effective choice available for most all dust, fume and mist collection applications.

  • Increase surface loading
  • Enhance dust cake release
  • Cleaning efficiency
  • Low cost per cfm
  • Available for most brands of dust collectors

Join the Dura-Life™ Revolution

Donaldson® Torit® dust collectors continually raise the bar in bag filter technology. Providing the widest range of bag filters for any baghouse collector, Donaldson Torit offers Dura-Life™ bags. Award-winning Dura-Life bag filters last two to three times longer than standard polyester bags when replacing due to excessive pressure drop, improving the performance, efficiency and bottom line of your baghouse dust collector.

Work with confidence using bag filters from the worldwide leader in dust collection. From Dura-Life high performance bags to specialty bags, no one can match Donaldson’s breadth and expertise. For the best bag filters that keep any brand of baghouse dust collector operating at its peak, rely on Donaldson filtration technology.


  • Dura-Life “Twice the Life” filter media
  • Extensive selection to fit any collector
  • Improved efficiency • Greater performance • Best value
  • A wide range of media to cover most applications
pleated bags

Pleated Bag Filters


Pleated Bag Filter Solution

Not Enough Filter AreaPleated bag filters can provide almost twice as much filtration area in existing equipment due to the increased media in the pleat pack design.
High Pressure DropIncreasing filter area causes the air to media ratio to decrease when the airflow stays the same. The pressure drop also decreases.
AbrasionPleated bag filters are shorter than the fabric bags they’re replacing. This allows for a larger drop out area and less opportunity for bag abrasion.
Stack DischargeUltra-Web SB offers all the benefits of spunbond media, plus the superiority of fine fiber technology allowing for the capture of submicron particulate reducing stack emissions.
Short LifePleated bag filters offer up to 2-3 times the filter life over 16 oz. (453.6 g) polyester felt bags.
bag filters

Ultra-Web SB pleated bag filters are available for all popular collectors.

  • AAF®
  • Aeropulse
  • BHA
  • Buhler Miag
  • Camcorp
  • Carborundum
  • CP Environmental
  • C &W
  • Flex-Kleen
  • Fuller
  • Griffin
  • IAC
  • Kice
  • MAC
  • MikroPul • Pneumafil • Seneca
  • Ultra
  • Wheelabrator • + Many others