Replacement Parts for all Major Brands

Filtered air is essential for industrial working environments to support your compliance efforts and housekeeping needs. While factories and the people who work in them are the backbone of industry, the daily use and grind of most factories leads to the need for replacement parts to help keep the air and working conditions filtered in accordance with your needs.


P-A Industrial can provide replacement parts for all major brands. Replacement parts include dust collector/baghouse diaphragm valves, diaphragm replacement kits, dust collector/baghouse solenoids, dust collector/baghouse solenoid rebuild kits, dust collector/baghouse fans, dust collector/baghouse motors, dust collector/baghouse silencers, dust collector/baghouse door gaskets, and dust collector/baghouse controls.

Dust Collector/Baghouse Diaphragm Valves
Keeping diaphragm valves in good working condition is one key to maintaining efficiency in a dust collection system. Replacing diaphragm valves every few years is a minimal cost compared to the potential savings. Replacing valves will result in a 10 percent or longer filter life and a reduction in compressed air use up to 15-20 percent.

Diaphragm Replacement Kits
Also known as rebuild kits, this collection of small parts can return your diaphragm valves back to peak performance.

Dust Collector/Baghouse Solenoids
Performance and cost-effectiveness are essential for dust collector systems. We stock a wide variety of solenoid valves to keep your dust collectors running efficiently.

Dust Collector/Baghouse Solenoid Rebuild Kits
Having rebuild kits and coils on hand will help you keep your solenoid valves running at peak performance.

Dust Collector/Baghouse Fans
Essential in the gathering and removal of harmful dust, fumes and mist to protect employees, P-A Industrial carries a wide variety of fans to fit nearly any factory or plant need.

Dust Collector/Baghouse Motors
Obviously working motors are essential for dust, mist and fume collectors. We offer a wide variety of replacement motors to keep your processes running smoothly.

Dust Collector/Baghouse Silencers
Reduce the noise levels from your dust collector operations to keep the work space as comfortable and accommodating as possible.

Dust Collector/Baghouse Door Gaskets
Seal your baghouse doors to ensure the longest life out of your bag. Defective gaskets allow air and moisture to leak into your collector, which can cause rust, corrosion and bag failure.

Dust Collector/Baghouse Controls
Set up your dust collection operations with a control board to keep your operation running as smoothly as possible.

We provide replacement filters and parts for the following brands:

(preferred supplier)

Schenk Process MAC

Camfil Farr

Imperial Systems