choosing the best fume, mist & dust collector filter for your equipment

We all know that having a well-maintained fume, mist, or dust collector can help enhance safety and productivity in the workplace. Selecting the right filter for your system enables you to increase manufacturing efficiencies and support a clean environment for your employees. One core component of maintaining your equipment is regularly replacing your fume, mist, or dust collector filters before issues arise. P-A Industrial Services (PAIS) is here to help. We are pleased to offer a wide range of industry-leading Donaldson filters that fit most major brands of collectors, support in choosing the correct filter for your system, and convenient on-site filter changes at your facility.

5 Types of Fume, Mist & Dust Collector Filters

Finding the right filter involves understanding which type of filter you’re currently using, the application it will be used for, and what the working environment looks like. Other factors to consider include the filter being able to withstand high temperatures, being resistant to wear and tear, and the size of the particles being filtered. PAIS is pleased to offer the following types of filters and will help you choose the best one for your business.

Industrial Cartridge Filters

Get clean air with Donaldson Torit® dust collector cartridge filters that come in various sizes and styles. Depending on the model, these filters feature innovative Ultra-Web® technology with surface-loading capabilities that extend the life of your filter and lower your total cost of ownership of Torit-Tex® and Thermo-Web™ technologies that deliver outstanding performance in harsh conditions involving chemicals and high temperatures.

PowerCore® Filter Packs

These filter packs combine Ultra-Web technology with enhanced PowerCore media configuration. The result is a compact filter that does the work of multiple cartridge and bag filters. It is also easier to install and maintain than conventional filters, which can reduce maintenance costs and downtime. Ultimately, these filter packs last longer, clean better, and cost less to operate than traditional filters.

Baghouse Filters

Whether you are looking for fabric bags, pleated bags, or helix tubes, we have the baghouse dust collector filters for you. Donaldson Dura-Life™ filter media delivers cleaner air and longer filter life than conventional polyester bags. Donaldson Torit® Pleated Filter Bags offer a greater return on investment by providing long filter life, high efficiency, and cost savings. Donaldson Helix Tubes feature a Spunbond polyester substrate with an ePTFE membrane to capture sub-micron dust particles for lower emissions and extended life.

Mist Filters

Donaldson mist collector filters are specially designed for applications using straight oils, mineral oils, and water-soluble/synthetic/semi-synthetic coolants. Donaldson Dryflo® cartridge filters use a combination of two proprietary filtration media that removes oil and coolant mists from wet machining operations. Donaldson WSO cartridge filters use Synteq XP™ media, a proprietary blend of polyester and glass fibers ideal for removing oily mists caused by metalworking.

Panel Filters

Donaldson Panel Filters are made of lightweight yet sturdy aluminum, contain superior filter media, and come with built-in handles for easy maintenance. The HEPA and 95% DOP media both outperform the leading competitors, are made with proprietary, premium materials, include non-glass fiber content that provides greater media strength, and feature enhanced oil-loading capabilities.

Work with confidence using fume, mist, and dust collector filters from Donaldson, the worldwide leader in industrial filtration solutions. From helping you choose the right filter to on-site filter changes at your facility, rely on PAIS to help you minimize downtime and maximize efficiency.