24/7 Nitrogen Access

Many industries, from food and beverage to electronics manufacturing, can benefit from an Atlas Copco nitrogen generator to streamline operations. If your business requires nitrogen, you’re likely aware of the hassles of nitrogen tank rental and delivery. Bulky, high-pressure nitrogen cylinders can take up a lot of floor space and present a safety risk to your employees. The rental/delivery service can be costly, tank replacement can lead to downtime/added labor costs, and more.

Stop relying on third-party suppliers and make your own nitrogen for 24/7 access. As an authorized Atlas Copco distributor, P-A Industrial Services (PAIS) has you covered. We bring over 100 years of combined industry experience to sell, service, and maintain Atlas Copco nitrogen generators. We are pleased to offer an ideal suite of products to generate nitrogen to whatever purity level your application requires.

Top 2 Types of Atlas Copco Nitrogen Generators

Atlas Copco is an industry-leading international manufacturer of top-performing air compressor and nitrogen/oxygen generator equipment and parts. Founded in 1873, with service in the USA beginning in 1950, Atlas Copco has upheld a longstanding legacy of innovation. The top two types of nitrogen generator models we offer include:


NGM/NGM+ Membrane Nitrogen Generator

Built with innovative membrane technology, these compact nitrogen generators deliver minimal operating and maintenance costs for an excellent return on investment. They feature electronic monitoring panels that decrease downtime and provide a continuous supply of nitrogen with up to 99.5% purity. These models have pre-filtration, pressure gauges, and a flow meter to ensure accurate system monitoring at all times.


NGP+ PSA Nitrogen Generator

This premium nitrogen generator features pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology. It provides fully automated, on-site nitrogen production at a low total cost. Count on high energy efficiency and nitrogen purity up to 99.999%. This plug-and-play model offers high flow capacity, making it suitable for various demanding applications. If you don’t require consistent gas flow, the NGP⁺ matches its air consumption with the nitrogen output you need.

The P.R.I.C.E. of Your Nitrogen Supply

There are several benefits of choosing on-site nitrogen, otherwise known as P.R.I.C.E. benefits developed by Atlas Copco USA.

Purity Control. Set the purity level to what your application requires.

Reduced Wastage. Use what you produce and not a drop more. With bottled nitrogen, you waste the leftover N2 in the tank when switching them out. That’s not the case with on-site nitrogen.

Increased Safety. Don’t deal with dangerous tank deliveries any longer. Once we install your Atlas Copco nitrogen generator, you’re all set.

Cost Savings. Reduce the cost of your nitrogen by up to 80%.

Environment. Generating your nitrogen on-site has a much smaller environmental impact than traditional bottled nitrogen.

With an Atlas Copco nitrogen generator on hand, you can take full advantage of 24/7 gas availability. These generators are simple, reliable, durable, and ready to use. All you’ll need is a supply of compressed air. Never worry again about costly installations and processing, refills, deliveries, or possible downtime due to a lack of gas. Connect with the PAIS team to get a conversation started on the best products and solutions for your business!