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Reduce Unplanned Downtime with Predictive Maintenance Technology: iCue™ Connected Filtration Service

As experts in dust/fume collection with over 100 years of combined industry experience, P-A Industrial Services understands the importance of keeping your systems running safely and efficiently for the long run. We know the consequences of unplanned downtime for your dust/fume collector, so we’ve got an innovative solution to prevent this situation from becoming a reality.

As an authorized distributor and service provider for Donaldson Torit®, we are proud to showcase Donaldson’s iCue Connected Filtration Service that works with nearly all major brands of dust/fume collectors. This predictive maintenance technology virtually eliminates the need to manually check readings. It’s designed to remotely monitor a facility’s dust/fume collection equipment and provide operational insights directly to end-users. This information can help manufacturers reduce not only unplanned downtime but also support efficient maintenance and operation, as well as automatically capture compliance data. It’s a service that will revolutionize the way organizations monitor, manage, and optimize their dust/fume collection systems.

iCue Predictive Maintenance Technology: How it Works


The iCue service helps to reduce unplanned downtime by automatically monitoring the status of all your dust/fume collectors from a single web-based dashboard to identify potential issues before they create the need for larger, more time-intensive corrective action. You can set and configure alerts to notify responsible parties when potential problems arise, such as when pre-set thresholds are breached, or your dust/fume collector is operating outside the pre-set parameters. You also receive a weekly status report that summarizes the overall status and performance of all connected equipment.

This predictive maintenance technology features a Sensor Integrated Gateway that monitors the dust/fume collector’s core operation, tying into existing airlines and measuring various data points. Complete compliance reports and manage employee exposure risks by monitoring relative airflow. If you desire a more complex analysis, you can view plotted data over various sensors and timeframes to understand long-term performance trends.

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