Sioux Falls

Minimize downtime and maximize efficiency in the Mount Rushmore State! Servicing the Sioux Falls area, P-A Industrial Services (PAIS) is pleased to provide local equipment preventative maintenance programs and filter change services for dust/baghouse/fume/mist collection systems in eastern South Dakota, southwestern Minnesota, and northwestern Iowa. To enhance your production capability, manage your costs, and support reliable performance, these systems need to be regularly monitored and maintained. We’re here to help. Our total system approach and broad product expertise enable us to inspect, maintain, and repair all equipment components in your system. On top of that, we can evaluate system performance and make recommendations for improved productivity.

Why Choose Equipment Preventative Maintenance from PAIS?

With over 100 years of combined industry experience, our goal is to help make your plant a safer and more productive workplace. Now owned by Donaldson, a global leader in industrial filtration solutions, PAIS is pleased to expand our scope of expertise and technology to better serve our valued clients. If you reside in or around Sioux Falls, you can count on us for reliable equipment preventative maintenance services and spare parts/filter changes for all of your dust/baghouse/fume/mist collection systems. Here are four ways we can help you optimize your operations and prevent equipment failure:

1. Choosing Your Perfect Plan

A certified technician will help you choose an equipment preventative maintenance plan tailored to your specific needs. We’re here to help you enhance equipment performance at an efficient operational cost.

2. Manage Regulatory Compliance

Our automated data recording simplifies regulatory reporting tasks and costs. This will help you manage regulatory compliance now and moving forward.

3. Connected Filtration Monitoring with Real-Time Alerts

Donaldson’s proprietary iCue™ connected filtration technology proactively and remotely monitors certain aspects of your equipment. Get real-time alerts if maintenance or service is needed.

4. Expert Maintenance & Repair Services

Our specialized services include planned maintenance and repair options that are tailored to your unique situation and budget. We can help you quickly resolve issues, as well as manage costs and downtime.
PAIS can provide you with the latest technology and equipment preventative maintenance services to help ensure that your business is operating at peak efficiency. Connect with us today!